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Individuals within pop art become the image. In this case Marilyn Brcomes interchangeable with a product, shown as a glamorous object and as something that people desire to be or be with

The point of focus of this image is interesting as it's not the bench or a full object. The raindrops on the window add some perspective to the blurred lights, middle ground, and background creating a contrast of sharpness.

Kath Girdler Engler, shredded news paper, glue, water and (a mix introduced by Louisiana sculptor, Clyde Conell) that makes the dried material both rigid and archival. Pulp mixture is used to encrust figurative forms with rocks, vine, bone, barnacles and man made objects aged and altered by the sun, wind and water.

A little pic describing different kinds of composition that are worth noting as they leave some sense of how to use an objects placement to create balance in a work.

Robert Rauschenberg - pode ser visto como um auto retrato do artista que pega a sua própria cama ao invés de uma tela.

Watercolor Tutorial

Watercolor artist Carrie Waller demonstrates her watercolor tutorial for still life painting—intensifying colors and re-creating objects as abstract forms.