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King Kong - Skull Island - Adan Arellano ----
EW: Kong: Skull Island director promises 'the biggest Kong that you've seen on screen'. Link:
"Welcome to Skull Island" (Gif by Torrilla)
Kong: Skull Island Skull crawler
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Kong: Skull Island “The Island” TV Spot-HIGHEST QUALITY ONLINE! Video:
Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in Kong: Skull Island. Higher resolution image (UHQ): Source:
Tom Hiddleston trained with top soldiers for Kong: Skull Island. Link:
I HOPE this movie contains some KONG in it. The latest Godzilla had hardly any Godzilla.      For all the griping about th4 1997 version, at least that version had Godzilla in it.
Kong - Skull Island 2017 (Legendary), Aaron McBride on ArtStation at