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'Legend' Series. These are the first two books and might I say, they are very good. I was forced to read this for my summer reading and then went and bought the others all on my own. They were very good and the layout was interesting.

I'm required to read this for class, but the concepts in the book are applicable to all sorts of change, not just the workplace. For example, improving your diet, being more organized..virtually anything you want to change that doesn't come natural to you... STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT.

From the bestselling author of The End of Everything, a searing new novel about the dark heart of adolescence.

A quick, light, and enjoyable book written by the ex-wife of Billy Joel. This rags to riches story of self-discovery is divided into two parts: the beginning of the protagonist's relationship with a famous actor and the end of their relationship. My recommendation: take this one to the beach!

One of my favorite novels. Thanks to Uncle Henry and Aunt Pam for sharing this book with me when it came out 20 years ago. Thanks to Jim for letting me read the whole thing out loud to him over the course of many months (several years ago). Love Quoyle, and love the idea of redefining yourself and your family legacy.

The Man Who Listens to Horses... I've been lucky enough to watch one of his clinics but have yet to read his book!

Surviving Tracy

A gripping thriller set in post-civil-war America. As Harvard poets translate Dante's Inferno into English, a series of strange murders begin occurring around the city. It's a great sleuth novel, in spite of not having actual detectives.