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London Fields, photography by Claire Harrison for Lucire Magazine - HUF Magazine

My Favorite Flower The One & Only Rose I luv all the Colors they come in♥♥

moments like these seem like they come once in a summer moon, but alice knew that you had to be on the look out. though, if you looked too deep, you'd miss the moment, but if you blurred things and gave slight attention to the periphery, they are all around purple delicate, yet so strong...I have purple and yellow ones in my yard, and they've bloomed every year for the past 22 that I've lived matter the weather, no matter the conditions...they've migrated under the chain link fence in one area, still bloom beautifully...

brigid, i think this is just an awesome picture and that you should try to replicate it somehow.

This pictures says to me 'Contentment' "I am happy with my life just the way it is! Wonderful husband, and family. Thank you Jesus!

Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings and are virtually synonymous with spring. In western countries the daffodil is a sign of winter’s end and is associated with springtime as well as the season of Lent and Easter.