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factionfashion: With a grey shirt underneath that covered up everything very well, this would be a perfect Abnegation suit… if in fact the ...

This ish right here. (Death by Elocution)

Even though you don't need it, a belt can be a cool accessory. It's all in the small details, a simple silver ring, a pair of statement sunglasses, a rolled up sleeve and so on. Big fan of this ASOS belt:

Not something I would normally wear, but I really like this skirt. The fabric is perfect for fall, and the striped sweater looks good paired with it. This outfit looks sporty and comfortable but still cute!

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In the mood for soothing soft greys & whites after an eventful weekend (Bodie and Fou)

One piece of clothing I always have in my wardrobe, is black (or dark grey) suit which I wear with sleeves rolled up à la Emmanuelle Alt. I love how low maintenance yet stylish and classy this look is