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Your Face Is Fine Button

Reminds me of quite a few people I know!

I got the "If you put that quarter in THAT chicken..." @Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Spindell

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"There is a difference between sharing your issues about someone with a safe person for advice/prayer/etc. and bashing that person behind their back with no intent of making things better, forgiving, parting ways on good terms, etc.

No shit!! Your mind games are childish and ridiculous. Go play them with the one that is still convinced your a good guy and not a douche

She said it's not a project you can do the night before. 16 hours before project is due: "I should start that project." 9 colored pencils, one glue stick, a puppy, one 10 page essay, and 12 hours later: "She underestimated my power."