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View the Concrete Group from the ConcreteWall collection by Tom Haga: ultra-high resolution, photographic wall coverings exclusively from Resource Furniture.

Concrete wallpaper

Concrete Wallpaper Collection by Tom Haga. The Concrete Wallpaper collection is the result of photographing raw and refined concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even grafitti, in locations across.

from the Potential Energy Lighting Collection by Whatswhat Collective...

John Astbury, Bengt Brümmer and Karin Wallenbäck are the Whatswhat Collective. Each single piece of their lighting collection invites the user to convert “Potential Energy” to kinetic power by interacting with the objects.

concrete stool | ... concrete stool ELEMENT--using Ductal light weight concrete

Francesco Passaniti: Contemporary concrete stool ELEMENT--using Ductal light weight concrete

Industrial bathroom accessory- love it but it may need some solid fixings if it's going to be screwed to a wall

Where to get the twins’ concrete wallpaper from last night’s The Block room reveal & more

Where to get the twins' concrete wallpaper from last night's The Block room reveal & more

Get the twins’ concrete wallpaper from The Block @ our Wall Candy showroom

Stamped Concrete - perfect project for a driveway, porch, front walk, or even concrete flooring. It's like laying down rubber floor mats into wet concrete. Easy. We did ours in an afternoon. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

omg love this! Use Tin Ceiling tiles to imprint in concrete Pavement tiles, Barcelona. ~ when i was there a few years ago, i was amazed by the sidewalks. theywent on for miles miles.