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He Takes A Screw And Drills It Into A Tennis Ball. When I Saw Why, I Tried It Myself. This Worked So Well! | American Overlook

So, following news about the U.S. Open made me wonder what one can make or do with old tennis balls. Upcycling them into jewelry is one idea. Pictured: Bracelets from elke munkert.

Installation artist Ana Soler is known for her immersive artworks that involve dangling objects from invisible strings. In this piece, displayed at the Mustang Art Gallery in Spain, Soler installed a bouncing-ball environment that appears to show each still frame of a motion-film in real life. This leads the viewer on a fun adventure through all three floors of the extensive gallery. You can follow the path of the perpetually bouncing ball as it springs off of the floors and walls of the…

Tennis Ball Boy – Tennis Ball Collector by Yunjo Yu and Seonghyun Kim - To make things more efficient around the Tennis Court, we have here the Tennis Ball Boy, an automated ball collector. Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/07/30/the-ball-boy/#Xuzdf1RjCdSJKDOt.99

Use tennis balls in the dryer to....reshape and dry pillows after washing and in with regular laundry for faster drying. I normally use two tennis balls. I also dilute down fabric softener in a water bottle and spray it on the tennis balls instead of using dryer sheets. It cut down my drying time by like 20-30 mins. My dryer is about 5 years old and its the old style.

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