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When Lisa Vanderpump sent a real housewife to the burn unit: | 23 Epic Burns That Will Put You In The Burn Unit
Lisa of Beverly Hills Housewives  I hope to be this confident, stylish, wealthy, in love and witty when I'm in my 50s.
Lisa Vanderpump - self-made woman with a witty sense of humour that never fails.
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It starts with 100 year old olive trees and doesn't stop there.  Restauranteur Lisa Vanderpump's newest venue made it's online debut via  Domaine. The interview of she and designer Jeff Lewis is as much about  their witty repartee as it is the incredible features of the space.  Reclaimed wood from around the globe and Parisian artifacts warm up the  space in Lisa's signature perfect patina.      “I wanted to make people feel like they’d been transported somewhere     else, somewhere…