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SUNNI - A1085143 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 08/17/16*** PERFECTLY HEALTHY KITTEN SUNNI WILL DIE FOR NO REASON AT ALL!! Yes here we are again with yet ANOTHER healthy adoptable kitten who is being punished with death because she is afraid!! SUNNI is a cute little girl and how do you expect a 5 month old baby to act if caged in a scary place? Well it seems that the ACC could not spare one foster to take and soothe the fears of this cutie pie, because it was much easier

BLOUE - A1089078 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 09/16/16*** PERFECTLY HEALTHY BLOUE IS GOING TO BE KILLED FOR NO REASON AT ALL! BLOUE was trapped and dumped in the ACC. He is a healthy tabby and very handsome too – although the horrible photo doesn’t let you see him very well. BLOUE allowed all handling but is nervous and tense in the shelter as any cat would be. He was rated EXPNOCHILD and sent right off to tonight’s list. BLOUE is a good boy and once i

LIGHTNING - A1039344 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/17/15*** PERFECTLY HEALTHY HOUSE PANTHER LIGHTNING WILL BE KILLED ALL BECAUSE HE IS AFRAID!! LIGHTNING was dumped in the shelter for ALLERGIES. He lived with a family that has small children as young as 8 months old. He was said to play gently with them and if they got too rough he would quietly walk away. YET THE ACC HAS THIS CAT RATED EXPNOCHILD!!!! This is a perfect example of how the behavior ratings in this shelt

BAM BAM - A1039636 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/17/15*** SHY, SCARED YOUNG TABBY BOY, A LOST PET, IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY, BUT WILL DIE DUE TO HIS FEAR – PLEASE GRANT BAM BAM A DEATH ROW PARDON!!! Handsome two-year-old gray tabby and white boy BAM BAM arrived at the ACC’s Death Camp for Kitties as a supposed “STRAY”, but Bam Bam had perfectly clean fur, was FREE of fleas and ear mites, and weighed a healthy 9 pounds, so it’s obvious he&#821

SPACEY - A1049043 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 08/29/15***Sweet tiny SPACEY is all fluffy and baby kitten cuteness. She was brought into the shelter as a stray without her litter mates or mom cat. This adorable 8 week old white and gray girl with the little pink nose is open to affection and will be soon ready to go to a beginner forever home and be a loyal companion. The problem is this adorable baby kitten will be put to death today if she’s not fostered. Because sh

HARRY - A1032576 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 05/18/15*** PERFECTLY HEALTHY HOUSE PANTHER HARRY WAS DUMPED WHEN HIS OWNER DIED AND NOW THE ACC WILL END THIS BOY’S LIFE ONLY BECAUSE HE IS AFRAID!! Harry is a gorgeous house panther whose owner died and when he got to the shelter he was fine. A staff member writes: Harry is a little bit nervous. You’ll find him in the back of his kennel trying to not be seen, which is easy because if he hides in a shadow all yo

MARY - A1091353 - - Brooklyn *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/30/16 *** WHAT PERSONAL PROBLEM CAN BE SO GREAT THAT YOU ABANDON YOUR 17 YEAR OLD COMPANION TO A HIGH KILL SHELTER?? MARY is a super senior, SPAYED & DECLAWED, terrified at the ACC. She is missing some teeth but other than that looks to be pretty healthy for a grand old lady…..PLEASE FIND ROOM IN YOUR HOME & YOUR HEART TO GIVE A PURRMANENT PLACE TO MARY!! Apply NOW to FOSTER or ADOPT! If you need assistan

LEOPOLD - A1047612 - - Brooklyn **TO BE DESTROYED 08/19/15 *** LEOPOLD IS AN ORANGE TABBY LION IN NEED OF RESCUE TONIGHT!! LEOPOLD is not doing at all well at the ACC. Trapped and dumped there he has a NEW HOPE rating and needs a rescue to save him. LEOPOLD is a healthy boy but needs to trust again. IF YOU CAN FOSTER LEOPOLD AND HELP HIM BLOSSOM….PLEASE CONTACT A NEW HOPE RESCUE!! So many cats on the list tonight and cats like LEOPOLD need a fighting chance!! PLEASE