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Voici une nouvelle recette de dentifrice naturel pour retrouver des dents blanches sans utiliser de produits chimiques !

After my "no poo" treatment and a good haircut, I want to let my hair grow long again. I'm tired of damaged hair I force to halfway obey with a straightener!

"I don't shampoo my hair" - No Poo Testimonial, How To, and Tips. Before and after.

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How to clean a boar bristle hair brush... like new! -- Tags: Natural Hair Care, boar bristle brushing, how to clean a boar bristle brush, before and after, water only hair, primal, natural, no poo, no-poo, shampoo-free, Just Primal Things Blog

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How to Go No 'Poo or Use Natural Shampoo Successfully -

How to Go No 'Poo Successfully - how to transition, use (and not use) baking soda, deep condition and more

The How To Mom: How To No 'Poo... Hmmm no shampoo or conditioner? Baking soda and apple cider vinegar?

The How To Mom: How To No 'Poo Only washing my hair twice a week sounds like a wonderful time saver to me. I'm going to start this today.

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Dermatologistas aprovam técnicas ‘Low/No Poo’, com pouco ou nada de xampu

Encher o cabelo de xampu, fazer muita espuma e sair do chuveiro com os fios super perfumados. O ritual que para muita gente é visto como sinal de limpeza — e,...

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no-‘poo troubleshooting & common questions

the ultimate no-'poo troubleshooting guide (& with common questions)