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U go levi XD haha this is from the lion king(Erwin's face in the first pic is like...omg do it)

Attack on Titan / Lion King XD This is the greatest thing ever!

Calm. Down.

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin <<< I feel like Eren would enjoy screwing with the newbies on occasion.

ROFL SnK // Ayyyy don't drop that durka durk // Poor Heichou . . .

I laughed way to hard - attack on titan<------ I sing the opening to the theme song and the people who know what I'm doing help me out. It's really fun

I swear I'm going to cry forever from this show :'

my heart is literally aching right now. It takes a lot to make me feel a physical ache from sadness, but this did it. Good avatar crossover though. >>>> IM GONNA GO TO THE CORNER NOW AND CRY!

261f2a8fce062ffa3dcff5d30c56c44f.jpg 600×3,170 pixels  If those two were my parents, I would never wanna miss parents day!

Attack on titan. I don't ship Levi and Hanji but this is funny :)