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Evelyn Dunbar Threshing and Baling, Monmouthshire 1943 National Museum of Wales, Cardiff There's an east wind blowing; the right-hand barn door is jammed open with a plank to prevent the wind catching it. The noise must be indescribable, the chaff and dust everywhere ... and Land Girls inside, stripped of their heavy coats, must be as grateful for a through-draught as those outside are grumbling about the sharp edge of the wind. Text © Christopher Campbell-Howes 2012. All rights…

Rain and Mud after the Battle, by Christopher Nevinson, 1917.

2) Evelyn Dunbar Women's Land Army Dairy Training 1940 IWM London According to Evelyn's biographer Dr Gill Clarke, by September 1943 a quarter of the 80,000-strong Women's Land Army (WLA) were involved in milking. We've seen something of the training that Land Girls underwent ... in Evelyn's Milking Practice with Artificial Udders. Women's Land Army Dairy Training is the pair to it, and has the same setting, the dairy wash house. Text © Christopher Campbell-Howes 2012. All rights…

A Canning Demonstration E Dunbar IWM "The year is 1940, the month is August or September, and the place is a public hall in one of the villages.. in Kent... At this moment... the Battle of Britain is being fought. The Luftwaffe is overflying Kent to bomb London ... And while this raging battle, on which the nation's survival may depend, is going on the women of Britain are calmly learning how to preserve fruit in tins" © Christopher Campbell-Howes 2012. All rights reserved.

Evelyn Dunbar The Queue at the Fish Shop (detail)There won't be any ration books, with coupons to cut out, like there were at the grocer's and butcher's. Fish was never rationed during World War 2, hence the queue. (Text © Christopher Campbell-Howes 2012. All rights reserved.)

Evelyn Dunbar- Women's Land Army Hostel.

Evelyn Dunbar Baling Hay 1943 National Museum of Wales The Land Girls..are pitchforking .. hay into a hopper, in which the hay is compressed. A guillotine suspended above the hopper, drops down to slice the compressed hay into the required length; a belt-driven rack inches the bales forwards to where two Land Girls .. are ready to tie the ... bales with prepared wires, using pliers to twist the wire securely and to remove excess Text © Christopher Campbell-Howes 2012. All rights…

Sprout Picking, Monmouthshire, 1943, by Evelyn Dunbar

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