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Evelyn Dunbar Threshing and Baling, Monmouthshire 1943 National Museum of Wales, Cardiff There's an east wind blowing; the right-hand barn door is jammed open with a plank to prevent the wind catching it. The noise must be indescribable, the chaff and dust everywhere ... and Land Girls inside, stripped of their heavy coats, must be as grateful for a through-draught as those outside are grumbling about the sharp edge of the wind. Text © Christopher Campbell-Howes 2012. All rights…

Hilda Harrison 1888–1972 A Land Girl, 1942, chalk, IWM ART LD 2940

Frances MacDonald 1914–2002 Donald Coleman Bailey 1944, watercolour He was a British engineer who invented a portable, prefabricated bridge that was easily transportable. Frances MacDonald fuses the portrait with a depiction of a Bailey bridge in operation and a map of the Channel, indicating the importance of the invention for the Allied invasion of France in 1944.