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upcycle a thrift store sweater to cozy boot socks 634x951 15 DIY Leg Warmers for Boots

Upcycle a thrift store sweater to cozy warm boot socks with this new sew tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress. She does a lot of cool stuff with thrift store finds

Sweaters made into legwarmers or boot socks!

was looking all winter to find a beautiful sweater from which to make those awesome leg warmers. maybe next winter Upcycled Recycled Repurposed Sweater Leg Warmers Fair Isle Knit Brown Orange Camel. Such a cute idea!

Let’s Get Creative! | The Year Of...

Let’s Get Creative!

For all those crazy patterned leggings that are super cheap at the store! Easy and fast DIY craft fashion idea.

Boot socks from sweaters                                                       …

**Make Your Own Boot Socks From Thrift Store Sweaters!** This is such a EASY DIY (and you can totally make these on the cheap!) I have all the steps/photos! Makes a great gift!

Button down sweaters become cozy cowls and boot socks. Nice pairing for One Heart Dayton gifting.

Use old, button down sweaters to make diy cozy cowls and boot socks for the fall! Reinventing and upcycling favorite pieces keeps them in the rotation longer

Boot Cozies: Lace and Button Leg Warmers and Boot Socks | @giftryapp

Boot Cozies: Lace and Button Leg Warmers by Boottique Looking to add some warmth to your boots and coziness to your style? Boot Cozies are

AUTUMN/FALL - Fashion: wool cuffs

Upcycle, repurposed, DIY craft boot / leg warmers from the sleeves or bottom half of a thrift store or old sweater you have laying around.

Glove socks!!

DIY - Fingerless Gloves Made from Socks.I just did this pin. I used a thick pair of boot socks that I had. I added diy heart patches also. They look really good + I like that it can all be made by hand - stitching.

Super cute ways to use an old sweater: Pillow cover and rain boot 'socks'

DIY boot socks and throw pillow from a cable knit sweater- boot socks sew & no sew tutorial, take off the sleeves from old or thrift-store sweaters and do a quick seam. (Use the rest of the sweater to make a pillow.