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Greeted to this world by a drunken doctor, raised by hippies in cowboy country, homeschooled with no textbooks, college at 30 years old with no education, and dating for the first time... this is my story of a life outside normal.

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It's a normal practice in the U.S. and other countries to attend a college or university after you graduate from high school. But what if this plan doesn't work for everyone? Furthermore, what if it's better to skip college and save money, first? Read my Huffington Post "5 Reasons to Skip College and Save Money" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amandah-blackwell/5-reasons-to-skip-college-and-save-money_b_4441408.html Leave a comment. Let's chat about it. #money #college #personalfinance

Lots of great tips such as: The best test preparation is a good night of sleep and a good breakfast. Stay organized and manage your time efficiently. Keep good class notes. Use note taking tools if you need to. Actually read the textbook. You bought and paid for it, so read it. This is usually the material that is on the exams. Don't cheat on your exams. This is a very serious offense in college. (image via Flickr)

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