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Elvis Presley

Elvis reading his own fan mail and he always did his best to answer them

First song in the video is "I want you, I need you,  I love you. The second song is "I'm Leavin".

Elvis Presley's fiancee Ginger Alden reveals secrets of love affair with The King in autobiography

Ginger Alden's engagement ring. Proposed by the one n only Elvis

Elvis Presley's fiancee pens revealing memoir of life with the King

Ginger Alden's engagement ring. Proposed by the one n only Elvis

Elvis never left! And here we have some photos from another visit, with Elvis in civilian clothes. Vera Tschechowa, of course, was part of a publicity scheme. And when looking at the many photos that exist of Elvis with her, the lack of chemistry is evident.In contrast to Elvis and Vera, in nearly all of the photos of Elvis with young Robert, we can see that these two really enjoyed eachother’s company, which would account for the many visits Elvis paid to the Marquettes during those months.

ELVIS visiting Robert Stephen Marquette Germany 1959 photo shoot for March of Dimes

Elvis and his mother

on August Elvis Presley's beloved Mother- Gladys Presley died at the age of old. She was buried on August the Date on which Elvis Presley died 19 years later.

Elvis Presley with his Parents

Elvis Presley with his Parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley at Graceland