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Explore Issues Check, Acne Location and more!

Pimples happen because of different internal health issues. Check out the cause of your acne location here:

You might be having pimples at different locations of your face, but do you know there is a different reason for acne to occur at different areas on your face? Figure out the reasons that influence the position of pimples.

Suffering from acne and blemishes? Well, you can treat them with some very effective homemade remedies. Here is a list that will help.

We’ve compiled a list of beauty bloopers that will help you stay safe. You probably haven’t realized even now that all these beauty regimens may have done more harm than good -- if these were not administered properly.

Oily skin can make your face look all greasy, messy and shiny. It can even cause acne breakouts. Therefore, if you have oily skin you must take extra-special care. But first, you have to know if you have oily skin. Here’s a primer:

Knowing the difference between keratin and collagen is important because you need adequate quantities of both to maintain your overall health and youthful appearance. Knowing their difference will make a world of difference.

Moisturizing your face daily keeps your skin hydrated making it feel soft and elastic, and younger-looking. Buying moisturizers for daily use can eat into your makeup budget and therefore here’s how you can make a cool, hydrating and effective moisturizer at home:

Acne scars can be treated in a variety of ways. If you’ve been following our acne-related posts, you’d have figured out the causes and different types of acne. Now, here is a primer on how you can treat the scars: