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Hiking up and around Hochkönig Austria. #hiking #camping #outdoors #nature #travel #backpacking #adventure #marmot #outdoor #mountains #photography

8-Week Workout for Backpacking/Hiking

Get fitness prepared for Backpacking - HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training. I do this because I don’t have the time for long cardio sessions, and this gives great results for burning calories, strengthening your heart, lungs, legs and building stamina & endurance.

backpacker checklist

backpacker checklist

Having packs ready to go in case of a disaster evacuation. Here are a few of the basics. Pack you backpacking bags in advance and ready to go anytime you want. I might not take every single thing on this list, but it's a good list for people to consider.

Thru-Hiking: Training Tips and Exercises

How to get fit for the Trail.Training Tips and Exercises. Whether youre gaining elevation or out for a joyous weekend adventure with friends, training can help make any trip more enjoyable. Use these backpacking training tips, instructions and workout pl

Backpacking Meals From the Grocery Store

Backpacking Meals From the Grocery Store with printable shopping list -lightweight, cheap and delicious meals you can make in the backcountry with everyday food items from the store.