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Explore Beautiful Find, Tortoises and more!

A tortoise and the hare fence in Kyoto. A very beautiful find.

Sankei-en, Hiroshima.Looking for more information aboout Hiroshima? Go Visit Japan Visitor.

How To Spend A Week In Tokyo

Going to Tokyo, Japan for a week? Here is what you can do! Many beautiful places to see and attractions to enjoy!

Budget Travel Japan: Tips to Lower Cost and Save Money

Japan isn't as expensive as most people believe. There are many ways to lower costs and save money. Find out how with my Budget Travel Japan guide.

japanese-flower-garden - Once Wed

Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan.... Breathtaking! If I could only plant these in my backyard!

Northern Japan's 2,500-tree cherry blossom wonderland

There are so many beautiful places in Japan to see cherry blossoms, but Hirosaki is a hidden treasure few tourists find. Read these travel tips on why you should visit Hirosaki to see Japan in Spring!

Firefly festivals in the summer capture spirit of growing up in old Japan

Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the Earth, like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones.

The Best Things to Do in Kyoto

Find the difference between a temple and a shrine, the most beautiful cherry blossoms, and the zennest Zen gardens in Kyoto, Japan!