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Boring rope, I'll take a pic of anything for bokeh, lol.

Learn how to create pretty bokeh designs for a not-so-boring image! Pretty little hearts

everytime i take pictures with bokeh, i never get enough of it. i take more and more, until it get so boring and then switch to something else. i felt like i have to stop this bokeh madness yesterday. i know this is very temporary. bokeh is very addicting to me, i think i am left with a bokeh hangover today.

Creating a custom background – Episode #56 by Phlearn. Ever feel like your photos are a little boring? Today we go over one really simple way to create a cool background for your photos using things you probably have laying around the house. We string up a bunch of fairy lights on a wall and shoot at a shallow aperture to make the lights out of focus. This gives the photo a really unique touch. It is amazing what you can do with a little imagination and some bokeh.

bokeh-in-my-pocket: boring subject, defective... - PWS - PHOTOS WORTH SEEING

Holiday handouts should never be boring!!! I love using digital papers to spice up my classroom resources. :) And these bokeh designs are simply beautiful!

There's no denying that photography can be an expensive hobby. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap (or sometimes free) alternatives that can bolster your camera bag ...