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Camera Obscura Concert Poster by Diana Sudyka

Camera Obscura concert poster at the Metro- Chicago May 2009 hand made silk screen print with metallic ink poster measures 19 inches x 25 inches signed & numbered edition of 174 artist: Diana Sudyka

Diane Sudyka: They woke from their long slumber…

"The Gathering" - Diana Sudyka Represents the pagan Goddess Oestre. from which we get "Easter" She had Ravens and Crows with her.

Friend of The Night

Ian Curtis of Joy Division. "Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels" series by Billy Butcher.

Bon Iver gig poster

Bon Iver concert poster at the Fillmore- San Francisco hand made 3 color silkscreen poster poster measures 18 inches x 24 inches signed and numbered edition of 110 artist: Mark McDevitt (Methane Studios)


Luisa Spagnoli began in the chocolate industry opening the Perugina Factory in Italy, responsible for bringing you such delectable things as Baci chocolates. Later she began the Luisa Spagnoli clothing label.

OcéanoMar - Art Site: Butcher Billy -A Pop Culture Mean Butcher-  << The Cure-Songs as Horror-Comics >>

Artist Billy Butcher’s “Tales From The Smith” series features Robert Smith of The Cure on the covers of classic horror comics, with his lyrics being used