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Ms. Francoise Dorleac and her sister, Ms. Catherine Deneuve in a photograph taken during the shooting of the 1967 film “The Young Girls of Rochefort”.

I was tagged by the lovely @hepburnism Thanks a lot honey! 1)Weird fact about you: I drink a lot of coffe, I just love it2)Favorite food: Pizza :)3)First fandom: Audrey Hepburn fandom4) Best friends: @hepburnism @ashanandy1 @aroahnpujol 5)Current look screen: Audrey in Love in the afternoon6)Favorite OTP: Audrey and Gregory Peck7)Birthday: 26/ August/ 19978) Five fears: spiders, snakes ,dark and fly9) What you look like: pale skin, curly brown hair, not very tall and green-brown eyes9)…

'I'm so misunderstood!' - Cate Blanchett