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Be #present and #savor the #moment. #nowisthetime #ifnotnowwhen

Embrace the Transition, feel it, forgive it, heal it and let it all go in the Winds of Change. Love is knocking at the Door of your Heart, you just have to open it and let the Love in. <3 -Mary Long-

#noDAPL #waterislife #standingwithstandingrock

Trust that everything is working together for good

Accept all that is With Love in your Heart and your Openness in being a Spiritual Being shines Vibrantly on all. <3 -Mary Long-

Transformation is the journey you are on. You are exploring the wisdom of your soul. You are shedding old ways and beliefs that no longer fit who you are becoming. Be brave, dear one, you are becoming your authentic self.

Quotes Of The Day – 13 Pics

Change must not be idolatrized... change is change and can be either NEGATIVE or POSITIVE... and it is not true that change is inevitable, it only is if we let things be, therefore evolution in such circumstances is also forced and not wanted, also NEGATIVE or POSITIVE, depending on whom forces it... so let's stop the crap and let's talk AND AGREE UPON change and evolution!!!

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