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A new study's findings confirmed "silica as a human carcinogen and suggest that current exposure limits in many countries might be insufficient to protect workers from lung cancer. They also indicate that smoking cessation could help reduce lung cancer risk for silica-exposed individuals." #fracsand #fracking #construction

Study: "the risk of epilepsy and certain types of cancer such as cervical cancer may be increased among adults who were exposed to PCE-contaminated drinking water exposure during gestation and early childhood." #pregnancy #epilepsy #CervicalCancer

"I'd rather risk getting burned than risk getting cancer right now. That's how scary it is." - Tom O'Connor, President of the SF Firefighters Union (discussing firefighters developing cancer from exposure to toxic chemicals)

"Towers or masts erected by two telecom companies in Noida’s Sector 39 are emitting large amounts of radiation, which residents say may be responsible for the poor health in their area. In the past couple of years, there have been three cancer deaths and at least four more cancer cases in the vicinity of the two towers. This is in addition to most of the residents suffering from depression, insomnia and other health problems."

The linked study about people exposed to PFOA from a chemical plant's water pollution found that "PFOA exposure was associated with kidney and testicular cancer." You can learn about other sources of PFOA exposure here:

Can drinking milk expose you to virus that increases your risk for getting breast cancer? #breastcancer #dairyfree

Study: "Does tamoxifen citrate prevent pulmonary fibrosis due to silica inhalation?" #fracsand #fracking #breastcancer #womenshealth

A new study will track firefighters' exposure to chemicals like toxic flame retardants. "[F]lame retardants have been shown to save only a few seconds of ignition time; but when burned, they produce twice as much smoke, 13 times as much toxic carbon monoxide and thousands times more soot." #cancer #firefighters

This links to the Environmental Health News article: "High levels of flame retardants found on airliners." Could this help explain why "Female flight attendants have a 29 percent higher risk of all cancers" and a "62 percent higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirth"?

The linked paper explained: "We found that eight of the 10 studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances < 500 meters from [mobile phone] base stations. None of the studies reported exposure above accepted international guidelines, suggesting that current guidelines may be inadequate in protecting the health of human populations."