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Sculpt Sexy Shoulders For Tank Top Time

Sculpt Sexy Shoulders For Tank Top Time - It's time to bare your shoulders with all the fun Summer fashions, from tank tops to strapless dresses. We have just the workout to help sculpt lovely arms, and it's only five minutes! Press play, grab a set of five-pound dumbbells if you have them, and get ready for a fitness quickie.

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Train Like a Victoria's Secret Model With This 10-Minute Arm Workout

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The No-Pushups-Necessary Arms Workout

The No-Pushups-Necessary Arms Workout - Follow this five-move plan to sculpt sexy tank-top shoulders and arms.

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Arm Workouts: The Top 10 Arm Moves

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Get Sexy Shoulders and Toned Triceps With Our Tank-Top Workout


The Ultimate Workout for Sexy, Sculpted Arms

Do these arm exercises in this order to reduce excess fat, add definition & become stronger in the process: <a href=" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

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Tone Your Arms and Core With Cameron Diaz's Trainer — in Just 10 Minutes!

Trainer Teddy Bass helped Cameron Diaz chisel her toned guns, and with this 10-minute workout, he will help sculpt your arms and shoulders, too. This workout may focus on the upper body, but your core will get worked — bonus! Grab a set of