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We are always climbing mountains. From Denver, Colorado.

“The bottoms of my shoes are clean from walking in the rain.” - Jack Kerouac, Book of Haikus #travel #quotes #literature #poetry #jackkerouac #haiku http://thecaffeinateddaytripper.com/2014/01/17/riding-shotgun-with-kerouac-15-inspiring-quotes-on-travel-from-the-greats-of-poetry-philosophy-and-literature

Our topographic models are of existing mountain peaks or ranges. Both the height of the wood base and mountains are to scale with the bottom of the base representing sea level. The wood base can also function as a box and has a wool felt interior. The mountains are created using 3D printing technology. A North arrow is also indicated on each model. We can create almost any peak in a variety of colors. A great gift to remember that epic climb or trip

May get a tattoo of Salkantay mountain on the bottom of my leg piece to represent my first 15,000 foot climb and set in place with the outdoor theme surrounding by strength in support systems, belief, and invention

Butterflies adore these candy pink foxglove is a delicious sight in the garden. Most foxgloves have flowers that face down, but Candy Mountain's flowers face up... from the bottom of the spike all the way to the tip, a little difference that makes a big impact in the garden.

Rock Climbing

Most Dangerous Race in the World — Base Race To Win. Participants must race each other to the bottom of a cliff using only a wingsuit, the law of gravity and nerves of steel. The track for this event is a 2,500 foot drop down the side of a cliff, somewhere in Norway.

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