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Wilber Gallery (Guangzhou) featuring Zhou Yi

Sunny Cats by Aurora Wienhold

Traditional work with watercolors and ink. Study of ~Melonkittens kitty "Krümel". Done in Shop: » Ebay « There are signed prints in stock of this artwork. Please send a note for ordering.Pric...

Attuning the Pigs with Coryelle Kramer

Where education is an adventure in self-discovery ~fun~ Local Siren Soirees & meetups - Take a day trip to the fantastical realm of your dreams with a Genie, Naiad, Flapper, Fae, Pin-Up party or reverie of choice. ~fitness~ Fantasy...

Hooked on Svelte, Joel S. Allen 2012 Hand-wrapped twine with pill bottles, acrylic sheeting, tubing and rubber caps.


Arx Lee, Paintings. Phenomenal and purely... - Supersonic Art

Arx Lee, Paintings. Phenomenal and purely... - Supersonic Art

Amazing Spider-Man 648 p.39 (2011) Hobgoblin splash (Humberto Ramos + Carlos Cuevas), in daveofapocalypse (Dave Wilber)'s Keepers Comic Art Gallery Room - 943770

Rocket's Blast Comicollector #144: July 1978, NM-, 80 pages, circulation 2,200. Ron Wilber front cover art and Morris Scott Dollens back cover art. Feature articles: The World of Tim Kirk, Morris Scott Dollens artist profile, Vaughn Bode interview, "The Brain Bats of Venus" by Basil Wolverton reprinted, nice horror comics cover gallery, The Horrors of Brian DePalma Part 1. $30