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New Non-Photoshopped Body Art by Chooo-san

The Best Liner Looks For Your Eye Shape

Monolid Eyes"Monolid eyes tend to be small, so people tend to try to make them look 'bigger by faking a crease,'" Maki says. She doesn't advise this. "It looks good in a photograph, but in real life, it's too much," she says. "So, you really just need a very simple line to enhance the coolness of this shape." Her solution: Opt for colorful hues over complex techniques.

"Alien Dolls" | Photographer: Paco Peregrín, Styling: Kattaca, Make up Artist and Hairdresser: Lewis Amarante, Avenue Illustrated, June 2009

The Best Liner Looks For Your Eye Shape

Round EyesPeople often equate round eyes with "cute" things. They're called doe-like, described as being as big as teacup saucers — it's enough to make you roll your eyes. So, Maki wanted to stay far away from that contrived wide-eyed ingénue look and make things a bit more edgy for Katya. She drew a squared-off line instead of a typical flick, and the results were interesting, breathtaking, and, most of all, fierce.

The Best Liner Looks For Your Eye Shape

Almond Eyes"This is a very typical, classic shape," Maki says. Pretty much anything looks good with almond eyes — although a classic cat-eye particularly stands out. Kind of expected, though, right? So, Maki opted for a two-line flick with a colorful pop.