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Canada's Provincial and Territorial Flag Stamps. Produced to celebrate Canada Day, July 1, 1979, this colourful sheet of stamp depicts the flags of the (then) 12 Provinces and Territories. Since then, Newfoundland and Labrador, here represented by the Union Jack (lower left), has its own new flag, and in 1999 the new territory of Nunavut was created.

FLAGS and STAMPS: Quest for a National flag for India, Part - XVII "National Flag of Independent India- 1947"

Pop - Muitos canadenses usam a palavra "pop" para descrever refrigerantes (nos EUA a palavra é "Soda").

This 1989 stamp commemorated the 20th anniversary of the moon landing. But wait, Armstrong and Aldrin were alive at the time the stamp was issued and living individuals can't be portrayed on US stamps. The US Postal Service said the stamp commemorated the landing, not the people who were part of it. Philatelic controversy!