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Indian Dream Catcher to the Moon in Lavender Purples,includes Crystal Hearts

from Etsy

FLASH SALE Periwinkle Moon Maiden Dreamcatcher,Native American inspired,Periwinkle Purple Designer Italian Leather,hippie gypsy style,moon m

Periwinkle Moon Maiden DreamcatcherNative by DreamCatcherMan

Indian Moondancer Dreamcatcher to the Moon,handmade with crochet,lace,and ribbon

from eBay

Indian Dream Catchers to Moon,Baby Blue,double dreamcatchers,made in America

Item 161262033765,Moon Baby,Indian Dream,Blue Double,In America,Cgi Ebay,Ws Ebayisapi,Ebayisapi Dll,Dreamcatchers

Frost Gown-need this for the next renessaince fair I go to!

The Beading Gem's Journal: wire work

Aleksandra Jovanović /ksandrart via flickr

dream catcher necklace.. i will make this with a stone in the middle instead...