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Like, to be honest, just because I know myself, I'm sure that my own "trust no one ever" philosophy will rub off on any children of either gender I may have. But I'm all for teaching respect too, and hopefully eventually creating a world where distrust doesn't need to be everyone's default.

I'm going to end up trying for hours to get that thing out and then some cast member will come up and be like "Oh honey, it doesn't come out. You probably heard the rumors. Have a good day" then walk off

if I see something like this anywhere inside our home &/or anywhere on our property .... I'll grab an Iron Skillet; Beat it until it's knocked out and I'll grab a Butcher Knife; Cut it's head off .... It's just that simple because I see it like this You don't have time to think; You just do whatever it takes to Protect your Kids & Family!!!!

lol..clicked on my pinterest after putting the phone down and this is what I saw! what a wake-up call! another part of letting go..stop checking the damn phone and re-reading old text!

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For the delusional woman out there who slept with a married man who isn't their husband.. You might have had his head.. But I ALWAYS had his❤️. The door was always open for him to leave but he never did. Why because you were just a whore and I was always and still am HIS WIFE something you were never good enough to be...

43 Tumblr Comments That Make You Go "Hmmmm"

Not according to Percy Jackson...... But I guess you would have to be in Tartarus....

Yup ... I can take a lot of bs ... but mess with my kid and I will kick your face off.

Crystal's posse. They are identical twins: Kate (On the left) and Leah (On the right). They have the power to send thoughts to people and they can read people's emotions. BTW, their last name is Austin: