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i love thunderstorms - love the feel of rain, the smell of it, and the way thunderclaps leave vibrations in your chest.

Cosy Parkas and Fancy Raincoats For This Fall

My sister Yvette always sang the rhythm of the rain to me and my sister when we were going to sleep.

Perfect day. Enjoy praising God and the rain that He made. I find it so refreshing. Hope you slept well and you woke smiling. It would be a wonderful relaxing afternoon to sit and listen to the ocean and rain together. Hope one day we get to do that. Even if im 70 when it happens lol... have a great day Beautiful. mind continues to absorb the staccato of the rain drops as they hit the glass window pane long after the rest of me has drifted into another world.

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Una por la pena,dos por la alegria; tres por una chica, cuatro por un chico,cinco por el oro,seis por la plata. Siete por un secreto que jamas debe ser contado... Las urracas me miran, se burlan de mi,puedo notarlo...