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I'm imagining it right now<<< is it bad that I heard that in dans voice and a little girl's poshish voice and then Phil laughing

all im thinking about is dans diss track: you're what happened if winnie the pooh fucked slenderman

i wish i could listen to their conversations more << yeah they should just record themselves talking

I just want to be friends with them, they are such nice people and they seem to have such a nice group of friends and such a good time with them.

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They kinda stopped it for a bit but it came back after like two videos XD <<<<< yup

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Basically me minus the 'smart wise and well spoken' part 😂

Dan And Phil, Cos, Youtubers

I got this this thing...Look at it!!...Dan: "Phil! Who bullied you?! I'll kick their -"...Phil: "Dan! They have sweets!"

I got this this thing.Look at it! Who bullied you? I'll kick their -". They have sweets!"<<< I imagine him gesturing wildly towards Dan when he says "Look at this thing, I've got this thing too!

Yeah, you do that

I try so hard not to ship Phan, I really do << but then dan says things like the universe would split if they were apart and I'm like "Phan ships Phan"