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Christopher James Photography | Alternative Process | Salted Paper

Christopher James Photography | Alternative Process | Salted Paper

photograph of Pierre-Clément-Eugène Pelletan (1813–1884) by Nadar (French, Paris 1820–1910 Paris) Date: 1855–59 salted paper print from glass negative, photograph

How to Make a Salt Print by Carissa Uribe, photojojo: Using table salt, distilled water and sodium nitrate for treating the paper, sunlight to expose the image, and a sodium thiosulfate based fixer. #Photography #Salt_Print #Carissa_Uribe

Leaf of a Plant William Henry Fox Talbot (English, 1800–1877) Date: before February 14, 1844 Medium: Salted paper print from paper negative

Learn how to prepare digital negatives for use with alternative processes -

We’re excited about a new workshop at George Eastman House in February: Digital Negative Making. For years we have taught a growing number of photographers how to make their own photographic negatives on glass using historic processes. Realizing that not everyone is interested in going that route, we decided to look into a new approach for the rest of the world: the “digital” negative.  

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