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"The Mad Scramble for Africa" I have used this cartoon in my world history classes for several years- I ask students to complete a political cartoon assessment in order to determine what the scramble for Africa entailed, and then discuss whether neo-colonization still exists today.

This political cartoon depicts one of the four main causes of WWI as it represents the alliances and how they caused what would have been a small and quick war into one of the worst wars in all of history.

I'm not even American and this November 8th will be terrifying. Why are people even voting for Trump?!

no comment I'm done even trying to reason with these people I'm gonna pick my battles and politics aren't going to be a battle fought because conservative republicans are actual scum I'm sorry

A much-needed sign of political civility: First Lady Michelle Obama gives former President George W. Bush a big hug at the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture today. President Bush signed the bill authorizing the NMAAHC in 2003. For more photos check out

from Washington Post

In a stunning reversal, theologian pulls back support from Donald Trump

In a stunning reversal, theologian pulls back support from Donald Trump - The Washington Post

If you ate today, thank a farmer. If you ate in peace, thank a soldier.

My Boju Life: For the U.S. History Teachers teaching the Great Depression

How George SOROS May Help Hillary STEAL the ELECTION