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This pink-ette is Hikari. She doesn't really have a specific story, I just felt like drawing her. She's meant to seem like the kind of girl you'd meet on the street and become good friends with. Personality wise, she's bubbly, friendly, cheery, and music loving.

My attack on Titan oc. Name is Elizabeth but everyone calls her Eliza because they thinks she is a guy. She try's to tell them she's a girl but always gets cut off. Reiner and Bertholdt are her best friends and know the truth. She is a Titan shifter who is good and she might be romantically involved with Levi. Do you think this would make a good story? I might post it on wattpad if I write in.

mwahah i drew on my hand and it looks so legit! excuse my face i am sick right now hahaha credits @bangbangg

Credit to AmazingZoeIsNotOnFire, and heres the colored version!

I made these today and I'm like them a lot I'm just laughing at the don't cry craft one because people STILL say that (totally worth it though who am I kidding)

Foxy from fanf ! A request I will tag you in a minute forgive me dear I forgot your name.. I drew two versions encase you didn't like one :) sorry if its not exactly like him