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I drew a girl I totally failed on credit: @zirohero

I was practice anatomy and this happened XD shadow girl??? Lost spirit of asphodel??? Idk

[by @MikanseiNingen] Cute little fruit magical girls or something, I really don't know XD

Wait I drew a male character?!?

Here's the post-it-note I drew on while I was going to Florida..

@Beemo2468 I don't know how to draw tables XD but I drew the holographic hedge on there

So I drew Mamo-chan from Sailor Moon for @Usagiisbae and he looks so very stoned lol. No Repins. Comment~

Toothless from how to train you dragon doodle by me. (For @serdmier ) I normally use another picture and try to put it on paper but I want to try to find my own style so I did this one on my own. Any advice for the future is always welcome ^-^ (If anyone repins please give credit) –Faith Manegold

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