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I drew a girl I totally failed on credit: @zirohero

I drew a random girl wearing the outfit that my Hello Kitty plushie wears. X3

wip of a lotus flower girl (◠◡◠✿)

doodle of a squirrel girl from yesterday!

This pink-ette is Hikari. She doesn't really have a specific story, I just felt like drawing her. She's meant to seem like the kind of girl you'd meet on the street and become good friends with. Personality wise, she's bubbly, friendly, cheery, and music loving.

I can't sleep so I drew myself

I made these today and I'm like them a lot I'm just laughing at the don't cry craft one because people STILL say that (totally worth it though who am I kidding)

I can't remember if i uploaded this or not already hahahah. Oh well :) credits @bangbangg

for @oliviasyler; favs n ik jessie's hair goes up but i didnt wanna draw that lol; credit @n0tadirect0ner

might be selling these as stickers, would u guess be interested? lemme kno!! ☆ credit @Poyshpeah