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Indian (Sriringapatna) khula khud, 18th century, watered steel, chiselled wiith gold kaftkari decoration that originally had gold overlaid embellishment, now mostly missing. Transferred from the India Museum in 1879. It was said in the very brief records that came with the helmet to have been taken at the Siege of Seringapatam in 1799, when the British forces defeated Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore in South India. V&A Museum, England.

The so called "Jericho Cap", a helmet belonged to the Russian Tsar Mikhail Romanov (1596 – 1645). Iron, gold, precious stones, pearls, silk; forging, carving, embossing, enamel. 1621. It is in the Armoury Collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. #medieval #Russian #history

Indo Persian Mughal Indian Khula Khud battle LADY warrior body iron covers..

JADE CUP inlaid with gold set with rubies, emeralds, turquoise, sapphire and glass. India, Mughal or Deccan, latter 16th-early 17th C.

Indian (Mysore) peti (quilted armor), detail view of the helmet, c.1790, belonging to Tipu Sultan (The Tiger of Mysore), looted by British forces from his palace/fortress (Seringapatam) after his murder by the British in 1799. Tipu's motto was "better to live a single day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep", he succeeded his father, Haidar Ali, as ruler of the South Indian state of Mysore in 1782. Silk, brocade, silver thread. The Royal Palaces, Residences and Art Collection.

Indo-Persian char-aina cuirass, late 18th to 19th century, steel, gold, H. 15 1/2 in. (39.37 cm); Wt. 6 lb. 13, Met Museum. The Arabic inscriptions stress God as the God of Light, the rewards He will give His servants, and His punishment of unbelievers and evildoers. The light imagery is particulary appropriate for gold embellished armors of "four mirror" (char aina) type. (the museum says "probably Indian", but it looks Persian to me.)

Bamen Tomotsugu (Japanese, active 18th century). Armor of the Gusoku type, 18th century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Etsuko O. Morris and John H. Morris Jr., in memory of Dr. Frederick M. Pedersen, 2001 (2001.642) #mustache #movember