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Video - Mark Levin in xlnt form at The Values Voter Summit 2013:

5 Reasons Why a Constitutional Convention Is a Better Idea than Just Electing More Republicans - Mark Levin's new book The Liberty Amendments proposes that state legislatures use their Article V power to call a convention to propose new constitutional amendments for state ratification. It's never been used, it's off the mainstream political radar, few people even know it exists, etc. -- but a closer look reveals transformative advantages over the prevailing political strategies of the…

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Major new regulations in first 3 years---We want LESS government!!!

Ted Cruz For America. WOW ~> Harry Reid Surrenders to Ted Cruz. Mark Levin talks to Ted Cruz about IMF victory, neutered the Democrats, 2014 and more… »

Hillary has the unethical politician part down to a fine science... and has the most naive and gullible supporters !!!


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