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Willie Coyote has spent generations trying to find ways to catch the Road Runner. He even spent a fortune at the Acme company. Sonic the Hedgehog comically appears to catches the Road Runner. Money is well spent when it gets the job done!

Looney Tunes Wile E Coyote ~ Coyote repeatedly attempts to catch and eat the Road Runner, but is never successful. Coyote, instead of his species' animal instincts, uses absurdly complex contraptions and elaborate plans to pursue his prey, which always comically backfire with Wile normally getting injured by the slapstick humor. He is generally silent in the Coyote-Road Runner cartoons. TV Guide included Wile E. Coyote in their list of The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time.

Running Matters #145: You know you're a runner when the thermometer says 45 degrees and you think, score!! Optimal running weather. Cummins Mega Ram Runner Dieselsellerz meme #DieselSellerz #DieselPowerGear #Cummins

Running Matters #189: You know you're a runner if sometimes a run is needed with no rules, no distance planned, just your heart and the road.