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We had an interesting stay at The Black Sheep Inn. The Black Sheep Inn is an experimental eco lodge that has ongoing projects that include; composting toilets, organic gardens, community education and development, conservation, renewable energy, reforestation with native species, and building with both natural and local materials such as straw, adobe and clay tiles.

from the Guardian

Ecuadorean tribe will 'die fighting' to defend rainforest

Yasuni Volunteer Program The Kichwa community is an indigenous community that lives in the Amazonian rainforest right on the boarder of Yasuni National Park. The National Park is a protected area for conservation and reforestation

You can become involved in a variety of conservation and community projects in Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. You have the opportunity to participate in the programs of four different biological reserves, which contribute to to biodiversity conservation, community development and sustainable use of natural resources. For more info visit:

The UN set up the ‘Yasuni fund’ which appears to be a success; It is being administered by a trust to develop renewable energy projects and to be invested in conservation projects. So far, the Yasuni fund has received 300 million dollars in donations.

Ecuador - Volunteer in community development, healthcare, environmental conservation, wildlife/animal protection, and even a summer program for high schoolers

Our Different Drummer Travel traveler-volunteers helped in Ecuador's Beach Conservation Project, which aims to support sustainable development through the marine and coastal resources.

Hello! Our group, Gearly Beloved is incredibly excited to be part of The Treehouse Project this year. It's a massive fundraiser and the money raised will greatly impact both the Bissell Centre and Change for Children in unimaginable ways. Our goal extends beyond the money raised, and we truly believe that this initiative is about engaging in meaningful conversations,  and challenging ourselves to re-think how we see the world around us. Our motto at Strathcona is “As one who serves”, and…

Jatun Sacha Foundation Ecuador - Our mission is to promote the conservation of Ecuador’s biodiversity, through technical training, scientific research, environmental education programs at national and international level, community development, sustainable management of natural resources and the training of leaders with greater ethnic and gender participation to improve the quality of life of the communities.