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Michael Jackson - Remember The Time. One of Michael Jackson's more interesting videos. Even had Eddie Murphy and I believe Iman in it. Egyptian themed. I love the way Eddie Murphy gives the evil eye to the queen for just a moment.

I just sit and remember how my daddy used to make me laugh and laugh and his words of wisdom, Beach BBQ , doing puzzles and eating crawfish, once frog legs with my Auntie. My grandparents and all the holiday fun shared at their house. Oscar, George and all the beautiful people in Papa's care like my Uncle Uncle and his brothers too whom I adore, Mumma, my grandma. My great grandma and my cousins, aunts uncle, friends...births of my babies, people I've loved and was loved by. Kind strangers,

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Do you remember Iron Eyes Cody the "crying Indian" in the Keep America Beautiful ad campaigns of the 1970s? (He was actually Italian.)

Don't forget it was real. When I looked in your eyes and kissed you. When I held you. Do you remember the way it made you feel?

Sometimes the little things people say, and do can bring you down. You dwell on them and they fester. Just let it go! Ignore it:) Being the bigger person and knowing you have an inner peace that they haven't quite reached yet should be humbling.

@OfficialAdele #Adele Adele - Don't You Remember (Live at Largo)

It is important to be happy with your life. Sometimes you will have to do things you don't want to do to do the things you love to do (like studying for the bar exam to become a lawyer!), but overall you should be happy with the choices you've make. If you're unhappy, consider why and what you can do to make yourself happier.

Even though my best didn't seem to be good enough....I really did try. The choice I made was for THEM. I thought they would be better off. I was wrong. I am only human. I love you guys.