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Boon / GRASS / COUNTERTOP DRYING RACK A fresh take on drying racks. From bottles to pacifiers, Grass holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass. Water drains into the lower tray, where it's completely contained. And it's got a sweet, natural presence, like a meadow full of baby deer. Only smaller. And without the deer.

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Keep your countertop clutter under control with Boon’s modern twist on a bottle-drying rack.

Boon STEM Grass/Lawn Drying Rack Accessory - Yellow/White

Boon STEM Grass/Lawn Drying Rack Accessory - White/Yellow Flower

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This may seem like an unnecessary thing but it's actually really useful! We use bottles occasionally and I pump, so we dry those things in it. Love it because it is easy to stick bottles and pieces in to vertically to dry.

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