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Awwwwwww I ship theeeeem

Awwwwwww I ship theeeeem

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Me: *pets the poor child's hair* Hey hey, its okay. Mari: HISSSSS LAY OF MY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: *runs away screaming* Springtrap: *walks over and grabs the child then punches Mari* Come on kiddo... Let's have some pizza and cry over mommy. Kid: ?-? I wish I was truly dead now... Springtrap: *pales* Fuck me.

The Puppet

If u have not read the one were PG is listing to it's been so long u will not get it Nixy u found onther one,puppet? Puppet:yes and he died from purple guy agan.nixy :I'm going to have a talk with him! Puppet:no it's ok nixy:fine it made me cry