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The pen is mightier than the sword - an apology (of sorts) Words have such power. The power to do small every day kindnesses which are easily forgotten or ignored or the power to do great harm. The other evening I sat down to capture why I feel so out of sorts with blogging and in my usual bulldozer-in-a-meringue-factory style I ranted impulsively without any thought to who would read my words and relate to them as if I wrote it especially for them. This isn't a complete about-turn for…

Trump Asks America -- Do You Really Want Your Next President to be the Wife of a SERIAL RAPIST?

Robert De Niro Goes Blasts On Donald Trump Official Video 2016 !!! Don't go out there and say things unless you can back them up. How dare you?" says the Tribeca Film Festival co-founder. Robert De Niro who campaigned for President Barack Obama in 2008 isn't happy about criticism the nation's leader has received recently from Donald Trump a possible contender for the upcoming Republican presidential nomination. During a public interview with NBC News' Brian Williams on Saturday night at…

"I normally am not political but this year I am. Unlike many, my vote is not being cast because I am against someone (although I am) but because I am enthusiastically FOR someone: HILLARY CLINTON. If you want to know why, it is because I believe in the golden rule. If you do yourself, I encourage read my little essay, and pass it along if it speaks to you. If there is interest I can go into even more detail than I do I the doc. This year's choice is SO easy." [author's comment on Facebook]

Hurricane Matthew bears down on Jamaica, Haiti - Just think Bitch the money you promised those people in Haiti never got there and now they sleep in tents because of it facing a major storm what do you think is going to happen to those people? Do you really care? If you can do that to them what the fuck you going to do to my Country if by chance you get in ?

Tim Kaine: “The Catholic Church Will Change Its Same-Sex Marriage Stance Or It Will Be Banned From The U.S.”


7 Reasons the World Looks Worse Than It Really Is

Cracked Columnists - 7 reasons the world looks worse than it actually is... great article & perspective

from BuzzFeed

Which Party Should You Actually Vote For?

Which Party Should You Actually Vote For? You got: Green Party Green Party You want a proper left-wing party that isn’t afraid to say what it really believes in. You believe in social justice and equality, and realise there’s more to life than pandering to the needs of big business. Politics should be about doing what’s best for the world as a whole, not just looking for short-term wins.

This is all boiling down to Superdelegates. They are the wild cards because they are not committed to voting for the candidate that they were selected for. Hillary has 1,261 pledged and Bernie has 1,031 pledged delegates. Bernie is just 230 pledged delegates behind Hillary. A lot can happen from now and June 7th. If the momentum keeps pace, Bernie can take the lead in pledged delegates. It will be up to the Superdelegates to make a difficult decision. Do they support a candidate that mostly…