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Walter Cronkite was that voice and professional manner we depended on for years.  He delivered the news in a consistent, even tone, without sensationalizing.

in 1986 - “Old newsmen never die, they just fade to black.” Walter Cronkite, five years after his retirement from the CBS Evening News remained, polls showed, the most trusted man in America. “And that’s the way it is.

텐바이텐 10X10 : 빈티지코튼 테이블클로스2인

텐바이텐 10X10 : 빈티지코튼 테이블클로스2인

This is Pele' by Petra Voegtle, using her own technique of "silk carving."   "The surface of the fiber was transformed completely into a relief. The upper layer of this piece was made from one single piece of silk - nothing was sewn on top to add depth. Additionally paints and pigments were used in a manner to give the visual impression of flowing lava in all its glowing colours and the viewer is supposed to feel the heat. But it is 'only' a piece of soft sculptured silk."

"Pele" (from the Hawaiian Symbols series) / silk carving /©Petra Voegtle


Prabal Gurung Resort 2017 Fashion Show

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