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The book is a digest of all important and relevant cases of the Supreme Court on Criminal Law from 1950. Criminal law decisions have been thematically and alphabetically arranged and divided into 7 Volumes.

Kanga and Palkhivala: The Law and Practice of Income Tax, 10th edition 2014 book contains approximately more than 18,000 cases, from Supreme Court and High Court jurisprudence, covering upto 358 ITR

LexisGreen Commercial pack gives you a clear, comprehensive and pertinent explanation of general and commercial laws in this exhaustive. Unsurpassed in almost every aspect, this set of books provides you with an authoritative reference material on Law of Insolvency, Law on Prevention of Money Laundering in India, and Law of Contract and Specific Relief. It also provides an exhaustive commentary on the Sale of Goods Act by Ramaiya.

P Ramanatha Aiyar's Major Law Lexicon, a new title based on the Advanced Law Lexicon is an encyclopaedic work and an essential reference for every law library. The book has been extensively researched, and has over 1,35,000 entries and more than 8,50,000 references.

LexisGreen Constitution pack provides you with authoritative, evergreen classics on Administrative Law and Constitutional Law. Presenting complex and multi-dimensional subject of Constitutional law in a lucid, inclusive and systematic manner, Constitution pack takes you through commentaries on all important decisions of the Supreme Court and High Courts during the last 65 years

LexisGreen Civil Essentials pack is a magnanimous reference library for current, authoritative law books relating to civil law. The package will be an authoritative asset for comprehensive cross-referencing and elaborates civil laws along with insightful commentaries on the Law of Insolvency, the Indian Trusts Act, the Indian Stamp Act, and the RTI Act.

Tannan’s Banking Law and Practice in India, 25th edition 2014 edited by N V Srinivasan

LexisGreen Corporate pack contains 'A Ramaiya Guide to the Companies Act, 18/e' that has been the benchmark for any reference and research on the Companies Act for many decades.

LexisGreen  Civil Procedure pack is an ultimate handy reference solution for lawyers. It covers the latest statutory amendments, including State High Court amendments and substantive procedural rules. A broad thematic compilation of civil judicial rules and procedure, Civil Procedure pack incorporates all the notable decisions of the Supreme Court and various High Courts.