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EcoCradle Packaging | Ecovative Design. This is so awesome - this company grows packaging materials rather than manufacturing them. Definitely worth a look!

EcoCradle by Ecovative Design. A greener alternative to styrofoam packaging. It makes use of plant husks and mushrooms, which means that it is 100% natural! It can literally be thrown in your compost pit/garden to decompose after using.

Case Study: NOAA | Ecovative Design

packaging : carbon water labeling anyone?

from The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design


Garofalo pasta presents its special packaging entitled “Eco-sustainability according to us: welcome to the number zero”, designed by Angelini Design

In partnership with the team at Guardian Sustainable Business, Seymourpowell’s Head of Sustainability, Chris Sherwin, will be unpacking various issues concerning sustainability over a series of eight fortnightly articles, and outlining in detail a so-called ‘road map for sustainable design‘.

Tempeh in banana leaves instead of plastic!!! #eco #packaging

spaghetti with portion control packaging. smart.

Wood wool is a material made from leftover slivers cut from logs – it’s mainly used in packaging, filling, or bonded to form boards.