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The Hardy Boys are another classic series that I grew up with that never gets old. The boys will relate more with this series than with Nancy Drew, but the series have many similarities.

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries ~ Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Pamela Sue Martin (1977-1978) and Janet Louise Johnson (1978-79) ~ January 30 1977 - January 14 1979


memories of the ’70s – The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

teenage memories 70s | memories of the ’70s – The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries – W ...

The Hardy Boys! Long live my summer of them back in 2010, those episodes were such a fun and retro-rad escape! :) Thanks Frank and Joe!

Parker Stevenson...Oh Parker...My bedroom walls were just plastered with his pictures and Shaun Cassidy's...when we got a new Curtis Mathes console TV set, the Hardy Boys show was the very first thing I watched on that TV...LOLOLOLOL!!! Parker's were soooooo dreamy blue...oh the memories.... :-)