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People Power - How Briefcase got people to reduce power consumption in DNA - 29th September 2014 -

People Power - A nudge that got people to reduce power - in Fast Company -

People Power - Using social norms to reduce electricity usage explained in under 2 min. For more info see

#OD NUDGE THEORY, an immensely powerful methodology for understanding how and why people think the way that they do, and make the decisions they make, and also for shifting people's thinking and decisions, and thereby the behaviours/behaviors of groups, potentially on a very large scale.

In The Power of Fifty Bits, Bob Nease offers a seven-pronged strategy to deal with common decision-making failures. He explains why people struggle with inattention and inertia and demonstrates how simple changes in environment can nudge people toward better overall outcomes.

Cass Sunstein Nudged Obama Into the Ideology Of “Nudging” - The latest scandal concerning the Obama administration’s seeking a way to control the people of the United States, using the Cass Sunstein approach of “nudge,” is being talked about all over the internet. This is an almost Nazi-style way of getting people to do what you wish them to do without them even thinking you controlling them. --- We the People...


6 Things Really Credible People Don't Do

Every single day millions of Google searches are made. If you're a startup, the last thing you need is to have someone smearing your name before you get ...


Book Review

How to steer people toward healthier, more prosperous lives, with a little help from the powers that be.