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Love know no limits 1 Corinthians 13:7 A relationship with God is like no other relationship you may have experienced. God has a unique kind of love for you. It is unconditional (not based upon meeting certain conditions). God loves you because He loves you. Let the love we give and receive be this kind of love…a love that knows no limits. #loveknowsnolimits

At my school, if girls have holes in their pants, even just a little one, they have to gi home and change. And they can't wear big shirts that fall off their shoulders. But BOYS can, they can have holey pants, wear oversized shirts. Ta heck.

The Princess of Wales wore this gown on an official visit to Nigeria in 1990. This dress was part of a tour I saw called 'A Date With Diana' where a private collector, Suzanne King put the dresses she bought along with other princess related memorabilia on display in limited exhibitions. The dresses that she owns are now on long-term loan to Kensington Palace.

You’re only limited by your imagination – make a bunch of separates for dressing up the dolls! Great for long car rides :) Click HERE for the instructions and ideas for other busy boxes…

"Mikayla has been taking it better than I have been, or it seems. She has been spending her time sewing. She has such a talent for that kind of thing. She can knit a whole blanket in only a few hours. We have so many around the house, we are never too cold. For being only thirteen, she has the maturity level of an adult." ~The Other Side of Me by Samantha Bartley. Chapter 1 The Hidden Letter